Regarding abuse reports ! PLEASE READ IN FULL! :!::!::!::!::!::!::!:


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    Regarding abuse reports ! PLEASE READ IN FULL! :!::!::!::!::!::!::!:

    Post by tunyx_tools on Mon Oct 17, 2016 2:32 pm

    Dear forum memebers ,
    Trought this topic i wanna make myself understood !

    All unverified / or verified and categorised as bad threads , are moved in rippers section ! In case somebody else posted on verified section ... but you dont see my reply on the thread as 'this seller has been verified and is trusted one' , i recomend you to not deal !
    This forums has NOT been created with intention to ripp people's money , the deals made without my advice are on your own risk ! You take yourself the responsability for what you do ! Is not hard to submit a private message to ADMIN and ask about a member/seller before you have a deal !
    As everybody can see...the RIPPERS section have more mebers and threads that VERIFIED sesction ! I put all members/sellers on category because i checked each of them and i can fell free and with the right to do that ... just to keep visitors/buyers/members away from fraud !
    CC // VBV // are not allowed on this forum , who make topics with this subject or content is automatically moved to rippers section , and not deleted...because if i delete they still remain hidden , and i think is better to keep them on site on rippers ... so we can be aware of any site or email address in the near future before we purchase something.
    MALWARE is not allowed if it have as purpose banking fraud or others ilegit activities invloved , make post only if you use for educational purpose !

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